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Renters: How to rent a boat on Ocean Serenity?

Ocean Serenity offers sailboats and motorboats since last month on the principle of a peer-to-peer boat rental on its website. The website covers the Atlantic and Mediterranean coast and gradually other countries.

Here is a small guide to help you make the best use of the website.





1. Search engine

At the center of the Home Page or at the top of each page, use the search engine by indicating a place: country, region, department or harbour… In any case, you can select a place and expand or refine your search by using the map on the next step.


2. Research results: Filters and Map



After a research and above the results in the surroundings, you can see a part on a grey tint background which gathers the filters, a map and the number of boats found for your research in a green rectangle.

On the right, you can find a dynamic map. Each red spot represents a boat. You can move the frame, zoom in, zoom out so that the list of results evolves.

You can also click on a red spot to reach directly to the corresponding boat!

Really useful if you are thinking of a precise place or on the countrary open on the departure area...

On the left, the filters allow you to refine automatically the results by managing tons criterion (Type of boat, of rental or of accompanying, lenght or even the boats available for half-day rental).


3.  Overview of the ads and selection of a boat



By scrolling down, you can find the boats corresponding to your results and already a number of information allowing you to make your choice, such as  En défilant vers les bas, vous voyez les bateaux correspondants à vos résultats et déjà un certain nombre d’infos vous permettent de faire votre choix, comme les certification badges.

A boat pleases you? Click on « See more » to reach its full description, its planning, its prices.


4. Information available on an ad


On an ad you will find from up to bottom:

> The pictures of the boat and the location of its harbour on the map on the right of the page,

> The planning of the boat showing its availability and prices for the periods where they are defined.

> Some information on the owner (presentation, profil pic…) and if he is certified by Ocean Serenity.

> All of the information regarding the boat (description, equipment, what’s included in the price….)

> The potential comments already received


5. Make a request


At the top of the page, click on « See availability & quotation » to verify if the boat is available for the dates you chose and the price.

Then « Contact the owner ».

If you are not already registered, it’s the right time to do so and to quickly complete your Nautical CV (unless you are not concerned due to the type of rental).

Otherwise, log in with your email address and password.


6. Summary of your request


On the following page, you will find all of the information regarding your request: the payment and cancellation terms, the payment schedule.

Before submitting your request, we suggest you to give some details on your rental request and a form is here to contact the owner to give some specification or ask questions.


7. Discussions and owner’s decision


Once you’ve made your rental request, the owner can reject it, confirm it directly or exchange with you beforehand. He can also give you a last minute discount if the price given is incorrect  or as part of a negociation.


8. Payment and acceptance of the booking


In any case, we inform you by text message and invite you to pay a first deposit through our secured payment form if the owner approves your request.

Following this payment, the booking is considered as being accepted and you receive the contact details of the owner to exchange freely with him before the rental is actually happening.


9. Follow-up of your bookings


You can find all your booking requests (finished, ongoing, rejected, approved, paid…) on the “Bookings” tab, and by then clicking on the table on the one you want to follow. You will then find all the information regarding your booking including the discussions with the owner, the amount already paid and those yet to be paid.

And now, you know everything! Click here to find the boats of your next trips...