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Do you know the boat rental at dock ?

If we generally find some boats available for peer-to-peer rentals with or without skipper on Ocean Serenity, we can also find some various boats that can be rented, but at dock. Let discover this service together.

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Renters: How to rent a boat on Ocean Serenity?

Ocean Serenity offers sailboats and motorboats since last month on the principle of a peer-to-peer boat rental on its website. The website covers the Atlantic and Mediterranean coast and gradually other countries.

Here is a small guide to help you make the best use of the website.

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This summer, rent differently

Enjoy the summer, hiring an Ocean Serenity yacht.

Ocean Serenity offers 3 ways to hire a yacht.

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Focus on the Boat Captains of Ocean Serenity

We compt now more than 30 Boat Captains all along the French Cost, so, is the opportunity to focus on them. In fact, they do all the technicals operations on the Sailboat Rental Management service for Ocean Serenity

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Some Fresh news from Ocean Serenity

News from the rental sailboats services all along France shore by Ocean Serenity socity: first the Peer to Peer sailboat service, then our Rental Management and to finish, a note about our Digital Plateforme

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