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The Ocean Serenity Club

Ocean Serenity, it is also a community of members, sharing the same passion and wishing to enjoy special advantages

Ocean Serenity is not only a service provider for demanding sailors. It is also a community of members, sharing the same passion, curious to exchange on the subject and wishing to benefit from special advantages. This community meets in the Ocean Serenity Club thristly through the webite and progressively during specific events.


Digital animation:

On Ocean Serenity's website, a page will soon be specifically dedicated to the Club. You will find:

  • The schedule of the Ocean Serenity events and the opportunity to register to participate
  • A social network to interact with other members and the Ocean Serenity team: tips, destinations, sailing opportunities to many, photos of past events...
  • Learning multimedia content and practical sheets

Real community:

Ocean Serenity is gradually developing a whole program of events throughout the year:

  • Regular and friendly appointments on the shore but not only (club cocktails, conferences ...).
  • Access to the events of our nautical partners coupled with benefits (happy few, discounts, private sales ...)
  • Meetings in important sailing and cruising events (races, departure and arrival of the race...)
  • Cruisings Ocean Serenity: rally(s), race(s), regatta(s)...

Join the Club

  • The yacht owner in Ocean Serenity Rental Management are members of the Club
  • To become members, Users have to be sponsored by a member of the Club or can also ask to Ocean Serenity and complete beforehand a specific form (nautical CV, references, motivations)