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Website Use

How do I register and use the Ocean Serenity website?

If you have any dificulties to register or use the website, contact us! We can send you a tutorial to help you out.

I want to rent a boat through your peer-to-peer rentals website, how do I do?

You have to create your own account by clicking on the "List my boat" link on the top right corner. During your inscription, we will ask you if you are a boat owner. You will then have to list your boat and provide as much details as possible.
A tutorial is here to help you out in case you need assistance.

Is the service free? Otherwise, how is Ocean Serenity remunerated?

Listing and hosting your boat is totally free as well as looking for a boat. Ocean Serenity only is remunerated when a rental is actually happening. A service fee of 12% is then added to the rate given by the owner on its ad. This commission allows the proper functionning of the services and its guanrantees, the development of the services, and to communicate so that owners and renters can meet. Besides, 3% are debited from the owner's income for management costs.

Why are you asking for such a detailed nautical CV?

Because the choice of the Owner or Ocean Serenity depends on your previous experiences, and/or on same boats and/or on the area you want to rent at.
Owners being in need to make an objective opinion, the nautical CV cannot be limited to just an evalution grid on one or two criterion. That's why we made the choice of a pretty high-detailed document, to be filled meticulously before even renting your first boat, and to be updated regularly after each cruising.
If you lack of experience to rent a boat, we, at Ocean Serenity, have an alternative for you: to rent with a professional skipper

Why mark the owner/renter?

Marking is an important mutual guarantee tool for boats or users who have already used the service. It particularly allows to approve the conformity of a boat in regard to the ad or of a user with the experience it gives in its nautical CV.

Can I cancel a rental when it is paid or partly paid?

It is possible for a navigator as for an owner to cancel a rental under clear conditions laid down in the General Conditions (chapter 7). It can concern a damage, some bad weather conditions or even an incompability between the information given on the website and the reality. The owner can also give the renter more or less latitude to cancel without any reason by choosing between 3 formulas when listing its boat.

What is the Boat Certification?

The certification is a system set up by Ocean Serenity to bring some clarity about the boats listed on the website. A "certified boat" is a boat whose property and validity of the insurance have been proved by the owner. A "premium boat" certifies a boat whose owner gave some proofs to the information posted on the website. A "OS guaranteed boat" certifies a reliable boat which has been visited by our team, with an ad true to the reality. Besides, for professionals who listed a boat on the website and bringing those proofs, a certification "professional boat" exists.

What is the Users Certification?

The users certification is a system set up by Ocean Serenity to bring token of mutual security to users. A "certified user" must prove its identity and its address to Ocean Serenity. A "member of the Club" belongs to Ocean Serenity's club. To do so, it must justify its marine qualities or be sponsored by another member who knows him/her and backing its experience.

FAQ Renters

Is it less expensive to rent with Ocean Serenity?

Yes, given the huge range of boats offered for each segment of size, and because of there is no professional intermediary applying significant fixed costs.

What are the conditions to rent a boat?

In order to rent a boat, you have to be 18 or over and have a valid bank card. Each owner is then free to choose who to rent to given the profile and the experience (that's why you must fill in your nautical CV) of the navigator. If you're novice in boating, we suggest you opt for a rental with a skipper or to navigate with the owner.

Do you have boat to rent with skipper?

Yes of course, and you can select them throughout the filters during your search

Where do you have boats to rent?

Everywhere but we have a lot of peer-to-peer boats, catamaran and sailboat to rent in the south of France, from Marseille or Hyeres to the Cote d'Azur, in Corsica or in Brittany. In those places you will find boat rentals with skipper too.

How does the payment work

The payment is done through a secured interface by our partner Mangoypay. For more comfort, depending on the date of the reservation and the related bill book , you only make the first payment through the platform. You are automatically debited on the foretold dates and informed on the success or failure of the operation.

Do you offer insurance solutions for renters?

Yes, we offer several insurance solutions suitable to renters' needs who hire boats with Ocean Serenity. We especially offer a cancellation and a repurchase insurance. For more information on these services, contact us.

What is the cancellation policy for a renter?

It all depends on the choice of the owner between three formulas giving you a more or less important flexibility or refer to special situations defined in the TOU.
In any case, they clearly appear on the website before and after approving your rental request and in the email you receive.

Are the boats insured?

All boats offered for rental on our website are insured for peer-to-peer rental, proven by the valid certificate.

Do I have to clean the yacht I rent?

You just have to tidy up the cockpit and to let the wardroom in good conditions (dishes cleaned, garbage got down, black water tank emptied).

Do you offer boats to rent abroad?

More and more... Meanwhile, and in order to satisfy your desires to discover the most beautiful spots of the world to cruise, we provide a traditional offer of boats abroad selected from our local partners. Do not hesitate to contact us to make your desires heard or to look directly for a boat on the "Usual rentals" page.

I didn't find what I was looking for on the search engine, do you have any other solution?

In addition to the boats we list on our website (new ones are coming every day), we supply a traditional offer of boats selected with local partners. Do not hesitate to contact us to give us your desires or to look directly for a boat on the "usual rental" page. You can also register to the newsletter to keep in touch about new boats.

FAQ Owners & Skippers

Do you have a solution for occasional taking over and back inventory ?

Yes we do, whatever the area, thanks to our Boat Captains. Please contact us for details and prices.

I own a sailboat and a motor yacht. Can I rent them both from the profile I already have or do I have to create a profile per boat?

You can list and manage several boats from a unique user account : go to the "My Boats" tab.

Do you have any element to put the rental of my boat on display in my harbour?

We a have a special sticker and flag if you are interested. Ask for your kit by email.

Do I need a rental contract?

It is, in any case, strongly recommended to take at writing the terms and condtions or the rental appearing on the website again and clarify what would have been negotiated with the owner! In some cases (insurance), it can also be essential.
Ocean Serenity can provide a model contract to the owner, as well as some other model documents to help orgnanizing its rental (inventory, checklist, check out...).

Do you search for renters for our boats?

The advertising campaigns we produce and the efforts we make concerning SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) are free of charge for the owners listed on our website. However, it's up to you to detail in the best way possible your ad and to have a competitive price positioning and in accordance with the local market.

If you like, we can become agent of your boat in order to be proactive on the rental of your boat and manage all of the comercial aspects. Contact us for more details.

Do you offer insurance solutions for owners?

We are currently holding talks with an insurer for a personalised solution, in proportion to the number of days of rental, but, this solution having a cost, only boats under 11 years of age and rented few days per year have access to it. If you rent more than 8 days per year, we advise you to opt for an additional insurance premium. If you're having trouble to get insured or are not satisfied with your current service, contact us.

Deposit: why?

The deposit you ask must allow you to cover your deductible in case you were to have an important damage, something we surely don't want!. For a small problem under the responsability of the renter, it allows to cover repairs direclty.
Ocean Serenity takes care of the request of an authorization on the deposit with the renter's bank. If there is any problem (the owner has got 24 hours to claim), the deposit is held back while waiting for a solution to be found.

What's the difference between "rental with skipper only" and boating with the owner?

An owner can choose to rent its boat, the only condition being that a professional skipper maneuvers the boat. This skipper can be the owner if in possession of the diplomas and if the boat is registered consequently ("Yacht Charter" notably).
If an owner does not want its boat to be used without its attendance on board, it can opt to cruise with the renter, but in that case, the amount charged asked to the renters will just be a participation for the operating costs of the boat and for a boardcash.

When will I be paid ?

Ocean Serenity secure the amounts from the tenants and transfers them 48 hours after the first day of the rental.

Je suis skipper, travailleur indépendant, prenez vous en charge mes frais d'assurance "accident du travail" et mes frais de formation et d'accompagnement pour la validation des acquis d'expérience?

Oui, conformément et selon les modalités prévues par l'article L. 743-1 du code de la sécurité sociale et son décret d'application 2017-774 relatif à la responsabilité sociale des plateformes de mise en relation par voie électronique, vous pouvez nous présenter une demande de remboursement par mail ( dans les conditions définies dans le décret en question.

Peer to peer boat rentals

Why rent with Ocean Serenity?

Because the boats you will find on the website are unique and their price are often lower than those on the market.

If you don’t find what you're looking for or want to rent abroad, it is possible, in nearly 50 countries.
Ocean Serenity allows you to rent among the lower prices on the market, from our users, our partners in the Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea and from our network’s members, selected for their offer, the quality of their service and their professionalism.
You have the choice among more than 10 000 boats, of all sizes, with or without crew, in the most beautiful spots of the world.

My boat is 25 years old, can I rent it with Ocean Serenity?

All types of boats are accepted at Ocean Serenity as soon as their general condition makes them usable with total confidence, they are in normal conditions of safety, and are insued. They also have to comply with the regulations especially as for the onboard safety equipment.

How can I become a member of the Ocean Serenity Club?

As an Owner in rental management agreement, you are directly member.
As a Sailor, you first have to be sponsored by an Owner or you can ask us by sending us a motivated request.

Why is the service provided by Ocean Serenity different from the other offers already existing?

Because Ocean Serenity does not only offer a digital service but a local solution to the owners of boats.
Because Ocean Serenity is not only a service provider but also a Club where amateur yachtsman sharing the same values meet.
Because it offers an innovative tool to manage your rentals.

What is the boat rental at dock ?

What is the boat rental at dock ?

It is the rental of a boat for one or several nights but without sailing. It is ideal to join original evenings, unusual places, dreams of sailing and privileged locations.

With Ocean Serenity, you will find some offers for this type of rental that you can select during a research using the filter "At dock".

Rental Assistance by Ocean Serenity

In what way is your service particularly flexible?

Our way to work in collaboration with the Boat Captains allows us to offer a very flexible contract to owners:
> They cruise when they want and as long as they want and can define that whenever they want, not only at the beginning !
> They keep control of the boat's schedule and maintenance solutions.
> The contract is easy to cancel.

What is a Boat Captain?

The Boat Captain is the one who knows the yacht as well (even a bit more) as the skipper and is the one in charge when the skipper is not here.
At Ocean Serenity, the Boat Captain is a professional, trustworthy third-party, who can contribute to the renting process occasionally or regularly, linked with the owner's needs.

It seems there is no Boat Captain in my harbour, how can I do?

Contact us!
Our network of Boat Captains stretches from day to day and it would be a surprise if we didn't have a solution in your harbour.