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Boats Rental Management in France

Ocean Serenity offers flexible Boat Rental Management options

Whom for?

The Rental Management by Ocean Serenity is ideal if you don’t live near your yacht and/or if you don’t want to manage your rentals because it asks time before, during and after each rental.*


  • To reduce the costs involved with your sailboat (mooring, insurance, maintenance…) whereas you only sail a couple of days a year.
  • To give the opportunity to passionate people to sail on your yacht when you don’t use it. You also can convert it in bed and breakfast for one or several nights.

How ?

Thanks to the Rental Management by Ocean Serenity, more flexible for the owners than the traditional options.

Ocean Serenity's advantages

  • Flexibility: you use your boat as you like , as much as you like every year.
  • Diversity: the age or the size of your boat is not a problem as long as it is well-maintained and equipped for boat rental.
  • Independance: you keep the management of the schedule and the freedom to choose your service providers for the maintenance of your boat, but we can also advise and guide you to other solutions.
  • Security: rentals 100% supervised by professionals, from the commercialisation of your ad to the return at the dock.

Ocean Serenity is also:

  • Some ergonomic and useful features on a multi-support website.
  • A true community where the owners using Rental Management are Members of Ocean Serenity's Club and make the most of many advantages.


  • You list your boat by giving the most details, pictures and information you can.
  • You complete AS YOU LIKE and WHEN YOU LIKE your boat's use range in the planning available on the website.
  • In parallel, you sign a Rental Management contract with Ocean Serenity.


We take care of all the details:

  • Determination of the prices range,
  • Referencing and advertising,
  • Check of the nautical curriculum vitae of the candidates for a rental, possible request of additional details and search for a skipper if necessary,
  • Bookings validation, signature of the contracts, collection of the deposit,
  • Management of the balance’s payment, the guarantee, the crew list and the payment of your rental income,
  • Management of the handling/check-in, the follow-up, the backward step & check-out and the signature of the statements and stocklists,
  • Management of the cleanness of your yacht after each rental,
  • Management of the routine maintenance,
  • Grading of the renter.


Do not hesitate anymore:  Sign-up and join us or contact us for all your questions!

*Contact Ocean Serenity  to verify the acceptability of your boat