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Our Services

Ocean Serenity offers personalised services to go along with your rentals or with the life of your boat.

If Ocean Serenity principally manages peer-to-peer boat rental, the company, thanks to its network of Boat Captains throughout the French shore, is able to offer occasionally or durably all kinds of services to:


To owners renting their boat on Ocean Serenity (especially those living far from their boat):

  • Check-in, Check-out, inventory
  • Cleaning, small maintenance between two rentals
  • Maintenance between two rentals, underside and topsides control

Yacht’owners and amateur yachtmen (renters):

  • Rentals and personalised itinerary
  • Skippers seeking according to the desired profile
  • Practical training (harbor maneuvers, sail trim...)
  • Convey organisation, one-way…
  • Half-day accompanying for a seren taking over
  • Supplies
  • Train station/Airport transfer
  • Boat license
  • Bicycle Rental
  • Kayak rental

And for all boats owners :

  • Harbour mooring seeking
  • Boat preparation/cleaning before the cruise
  • Routine maintenance
  • Fairing and antifooling
  • Marine engineering
  • Watch
  • Wintering
  • Seeking for a specialist in accordance with the boat, the project and the budget.

Please contact us for a detailed analyze of your needs