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Peer to peer boat rentals : Yacht owners notice

For catamaran, sailboat or motorboat owners, Ocean Serenity is the reference for peer-to-peer boat rental

Why rent your boat between individuals?
> To reduce the costs of your boat (mooring, insurance, maintenance…) while you only navigate few days a year, peer-to-peer boat rental is perfect: you decide of everything (availabilities, prices, choice of the renter...) in a safe environment.
Avantages of the service of Ocean Serenity
> Ergonomic and useful functionalities: the access to a digital multi-support website allowing you to define in a really flexible way your tariff period (seasons, minimum and maximum lenght of rental, differentiated prices), manage the planning of availabilities of your boat, manage easily the requests you get, exchange with the renters, add discounts, grade your renters...
> A help to select your renters thanks to  complete tools (fully detailed Nautical CV, motivations, grading of other users, certification coming from Ocean Serenity, cooptation of other members…).
A safe setting and important mutual guarantees, as well as predefined contractual clauses and some standard documents available on demand (peer-to-peer boat rental contract, inventory, check-in/check-out sheet, advice sheet...) in order to help you give a safe setting to your rentals.
> A fully free referencing and hosting service: only a rental leads to service fees charged to the renter in addition to your price.
> The possibility to call on a professional, the Boat Captain Ocean Serenity, for all your check-in and check-out if you are occasionally or constantly not available (more that 50 ports already covered – Contact us).


Moreover, the boats are offered to rent to all the Yachtsmen-renters Ocean Serenity and if you want, to the our partner agencies.

Ocean Serenity certifies its users for more trust and security.

The owners having accurate boat ads, making their boat certified, responding really quickly to requests and updating the planning of availabilities are highlighted in the results after a search because they offer a richer experience to yachtsmen.


Do not hesitate anymore! Register and list your sailboat, catamaran or motor boat quickly! Otherwise, contact us for all your questions!

10 steps to rent your boat on a peer-to-peer way on Ocean Serenity 

1. You list your boat easily and give the more details, pictures, practical information you can.
2. You define the way you want your boat to be used (cruising or dockside only, with a skipper or bareboat, cruising with the owner...), really accurate and adjustable tariff periods, as well as cancellation terms.
3. You fill in the periods of unavailibility of the boat at your convenience in the planning.
4. If a yachtsman makes a request to rent your boat, you receive an email and a text message on your mobile phone and you can consult its profile, its motivations and its detailed Nautical CV. You can also exchange with him/her before through our messaging service before making your choice.
5. You choose your renter according to its profile and experience, which you will double check during the check-in.

6. If you validate its request and after the payment fully managed by Ocean Serenity, you will receive its contact details so that you can get in touch with him/her to sort out the last details.
7. Once the rental modalities are agreed, we trully advise you to sign a rental contract with your renter.
8. The D-day, you meet the renter, fill in the inventory and make a taking over of the boat, don't forget to give him/her some tips when cruising.
9. At the end of the rental, you make an inventory and verify the condition and cleanliness of the boat.
10. You grade your renter and he/she used the boat.


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